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March 8th 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for your support during our phased re-opening.  We are pleased to say, most of our Year 13s, 12s, 11s and 10s have now received their 1st test lateral flow test, with no positive results.  We look forward to welcoming Year 7, 8 and 9s tomorrow in their allocated slots.

Wednesday 10th March

School will be open at the usual time on Wednesday 10th March for all students.  This will be the first day back for the whole school, and we would like to remind you of the following:

Staggered start and finish times: These have been working well. Students are expected to arrive at different times and head straight to their zones. If you are dropping off or picking your son/daughter up, please could you do so from the top of the Leisure Centre car park.  A reminder of the times and gates can be seen below:

Year group

Arrival time Departure time Gate


8:30 2:45

Back gate




Back gate




Front left gate




Leisure centre gate




Leisure centre gate

7 8:30 2:45

Bike shed gate


Uniform: Whilst we appreciate your full support with the expectations around our uniform policy, we are fully aware that your son/daughter may have outgrown parts of their uniform.  Students WILL NOT be punished if they are not wearing the full school uniform when they return to school (a) if you have not had the opportunity to replace any parts of it due to the closure of shops, or (b) if you are now suffering financial hardship and are unable to purchase parts of the school uniform.  If your son/daughter is missing any items of uniform, please write a note for them and we will give them an exemption card.

Facemasks: It is now compulsory in all secondary schools for students to wear a facemask in indoor areas (except for when they are eating). Please can you ensure that your son/daughter remembers a facemask every morning.

The bubbles and zones: Whilst this is frustrating for all of us, students will be expected to remain in their zone at all times.

Hand hygiene: The use of hand gels is really important. We will continue to encourage students to bring their own gel to use at the start of every lesson. We have lots of hand gel stations around the school, but bringing their own is key. Students should wash their hands regularly throughout the day, too.

Short breaks between lessons: We will continue to ask our students to step outside of their building for a short break in-between lessons. This is done to allow the teachers to rotate, and for the classrooms to be aired and wiped down by staff. Please note – we are not monsters and if it is tipping down with rain, we will get students straight into their next lesson. Please though, could you help us by insisting that your son/daughter brings a coat to school.

Break times and Lunch times: All students have indoor/dry areas for both break and lunch times within their zones. We would encourage though all students take advantage of the nice weather when possible.

Water: Please keep encouraging your son/daughter to bring their own water bottle for use throughout the day. 

Symptoms: If your son/daughter has any of the following symptoms, please keep them off school and get a test: high temperature; a new and continuous cough; a loss of or change in normal sense of taste or smell; cold like symptoms; headache; or generally feeling under the weather. Please contact us to let us know you are doing this. We will contact you every day to check in and see how things are, but your son/daughter can only return once you have a negative test result.

Please give our regards to your children. We miss them and look forward to seeing them on Wednesday.

All the very best

Mr Price (07732800899) and Mr Cade (07874796897)