KS3 Homework

What is the new approach to homework?

Please take a look at the new Homework Schedule below. Essentially, the new schedule means that students will have homework in specific subjects on the same days of the week. So, for example, Monday will always be Maths, and Tuesday will always be English.

Typically, our expectation is that students should spend around 40 minutes on homework each evening, adding up to 3 hours a week. This represents a balance between making sure that homework is meaningful, whilst also allowing students to have time each evening to spend on other interests (like sport or performing arts, for example), or simply to relax at the end of a busy school day.

Why are we changing our approach to homework?

We are making these changes because we know that consistency and simplicity are important to parents and to students. Having a regular pattern of homework makes it easier for young people to organise themselves, but also helps you as parents and carers to support them and hold them to account.

How do I find out more?

Everything you or your child needs to know about homework and how it is set is included in the attached Parents’ Guide to Homework. This will also be explained to students in school by their teachers.

If you have any questions that are not answered in the Parents’ Guide, please contact me directly via email: mlg@clarendonacademy.com.

Ks3 homework parent guide

Ks3 homework parent guide page 2