PE/Dance and Games Lessons

Our students find that they will have both PE and Games on their timetables. They will be required to arrive to school with different kit depending on the lesson they have.

Students will only be coming into school in their Clarendon PE kit for games and for KS3 dance

When students have PE lessons, they will be using the changing rooms to change into their PE kit. 

Games Lessons 


Year Group 






Monday (Week A only) 



Students may be taught in mixed sex for PE and predominately single sex for games in line with the competition structure, rules and regulations outlined by the National Governing Bodies of the sport. A student is permitted to be taught in an all male or all female games group if preferred, regardless of gender.

  • Students are strongly advised to wear shin pads for football and hockey and a gum shield for rugby and hockey.  These items are compulsory for school fixtures.
  • Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times.  Daps, slip on or high top trainers are not permitted. 
  • Branded clothing is not permitted.
  • No jewellery may be worn during PE activities.
  • All sports kit including sports shoes/boots and towels must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. 
  • Please ensure medicines such as inhalers and / or EpiPen's are on your person and accessible should you need them in your lesson.
  • A note from parents or a doctor is required before students can be excused from Physical Education, Students are still expected to wear their PE kit and assist in other roles where necessary and / or appropriate.
  • Acrylic nails are not permitted for netball fixtures and tournaments.
  • Full kit is required when representing the school in local fixtures and tournaments.Pe kit