Pastoral Care

At Clarendon Academy, pastoral care sits alongside our academic provision to help ensure that our pupils recieve a balanced education in a supportive and nurturing environment.

We have three dedicated people to deliver the Pastoral care, alongside the Heads of Houses. Each has a specific role, but they also work as a team to ensure all the needs of our students are met.

All three are trained in child protection and have vast experience in pastoral care. Their work underpins that of the Head of House, who focus on student progress, student leadership and lead on the culture and ethos of our school.

There are also a wide variety of external agencies available, to support the needs of your child.

Click this link here to see a wide variety of external agencies 

A school counsellor is available by appointment. Parents should contact their Head of House in the first instance. Students may also be referred for counselling or mentoring by other members of staff. Parents will be contacted and consent will be sought in these cases.

Additional support for the pupils comes from the Special Educational Needs Coordinator as we seek to support those with additional learning needs. Outside agencies are used where necessary to help in specific areas.

Click here for further information on additional SEND support