Key Stage 4

Our curriculum at Key Stage 4 is designed to provide students with a range of learning pathways that balance a strong academic core with a wide range of subject choices. In this way, we aim to meet the needs, interests and future aspirations of each student.

Our curriculum at Key Stage 4 follows the same model as our curriculum at Key Stages 4 and 5. To read more about this, please visit the curriculum model page of the website (see right), or click on the document below:

Secondary School Curriculum Model

Each student at Key Stage 4 studies English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education / Sport, and Personal Development. These subjects are important because they provide students with the most important and the most transferrable skills that they will need in their future lives. However, we also allow students to select their own options from a wide range of different subjects, allowing them to tailor their prefered package of learning according to their individual needs. 

We review our curriculum offer annually to ensure it is relevant, engaging for all our students, and – most importantly - prepares our students for life beyond Clarendon.


Core Subjects

The core curriculum consists of English, Maths, Science, PE and BV.

English: 8 hours per fortnight. All students are entered for English Language and English Literature qualifications.

Maths: 8 lessons per fortnight. All students are entered for Maths and Statistics.

Science: 9 lessons per fortnight in Year 10, and 10 lessons per fortnight in Year 11 (or 14/15 if taken as a Triple Science option). All students are entered for Combined Science; or Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

PE / Sport: 4 lessons per fortnight in Year 10; 3 lessons per fortnight in Year 11. Please note that there are no external exams for these subjects.

Personal Development: 1 lesson per fortnight, alongside 1 assembly and 1 tutor period a week. Please see the Personal Development page under the Academic menu for forther information on this. Please note that there are no external exams for this subject. 


Option Subjects

Students have access to a wide range of additional GCSE or vocational qualifications based on their interests and future aspirations. We place students into one of three pathways – A, B, or C - to help guide them towards studying an appropriate number of GCSEs. Please note that the pathways model is only a guide for individual students: Where a student wishes to study according to a different pathway, adaptations can usually be made to suit a particular aspiration or interest in a subject.

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