Key Stage 4

Our curriculum at Key Stage 4 is designed to provide students with a range of learning pathways that balance a strong academic core with a wide range of subject choices to meet the needs, interests and future aspirations of each student. We believe that our curriculum provides a diverse offer to students, that delivers strong teaching and learning across the core subjects of: English, Maths, Science, PE and BV –  as well as the option subjects selected by the individual.

To achieve this, we deliver a range of traditional GCSEs as well as a number of vocational courses. We review our curriculum offer annually to ensure it is relevant, engaging for all our students, and – most importantly – prepares our students for life beyond Clarendon.

In every subject across KS4 we aim for students to receive:

  • Expert subject knowledge shared through high quality teaching and learning;
  • Lessons delivered with high levels of engagement;
  • Sequenced learning that builds from substantive and disciplinary Knowledge, gained at Key Stage 3; and
  • Good quality careers information and guidance.

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Core Subjects

The core curriculum consists of English, Maths, Science, PE and BV.

English – 8 hours per fortnight. All students are entered for English Language and English Literature qualifications.

Maths – 8 lessons per fortnight. All students are entered for Maths and Statistics.

Science – 9 lessons per fortnight in Year 10, and 10 lessons per fortnight in Year 11 (or 14/15 if taken as a Triple Science option). All students are entered for Combined Science; or Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

PE – 4 lessons per fortnight in Year 10; 3 lessons per fortnight in Year 11. Non-examined.

BV – 1 lesson per fortnight. Non-examined. A discussion-based approach to key themes from the personal, social and health education curriculum.

Option Subjects

Students have access to a wide range of additional GCSE or vocational qualifications based on their interests and future aspirations. We place students into one of three pathways – A, B, or C – to help guide them towards studying an appropriate number of GCSEs. Please note that the pathways model is only a guide for individual students: where a student wishes to study according to a different pathway, accommodation can usually be made to suit a particular aspiration or interest in a subject.

Subject Overviews

You can find more detailed information about what your child will be learning and how they will be assessed in our subject overviews.

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