2021 Exam Results

Thanks to the hard work of the students and staff and the support of parents, the majority of Sixth Form students at Clarendon Academy have achieved results to really be proud of in 2021.

This has enabled the majority of pupils to move on to their first choice destination beyond Sixth Form, whether this be university, employment or travel.

Our headline figures include:

  • 98% of students leave with GCSE 4+ in English
  • 98% of students leave with GCSE 4+ in Maths
  • 82% of all A-Level grades at A*-C
  • 36% of all A-Level grades at A*-A
  • One in five students taking A-Levels secured three grades at A*-B
  • In Applied Qualifications the average grade was a Distinction
  • In Technical Qualifications was Distinction*
  • Avg point score per entry was 38.9
  • Avg grade per entry was a B
  • Entries in which A*-A achieved (A Level) was 36.0%
  • Entries in which A*-B achieved (A Level) was 59.0%
  • Entries in which A*-C achieved (A Level) was 82.0%
  • Entries in which A*-D achieved (A Level) was 94%
  • Entries in which A*-E achieved (A Level) was 99%
  • Students achieving 3+ A*-A (A Level)  was 19.5%
  • Students achieving 3+ A*-B (A Level) was 31.7%
  • Students achieving 3+ A*-C (A Level) was 43.9%
  • Students achieving 3+ A*-D (A Level) was 53.7%
  • Students achieving 3+ A*-E (A Level) was 63.4%
  • AAB+ or higher (A Level) was 17.1%
  • A Level Value Added Score was 0.31
  • Academic Value Added Score was 0.37 
  • Applied General Value Added Score was Dist-
  • Applied General Average Grade Technical Level Average Grade was Dist*-
  • 74% of this cohort continue in education; 4% go onto an apprenticeship; 18% move to employment