The wearing of full Clarendon uniform is an expression of the personal pride that students take in themselves and the school.

A student represents their school when in uniform and our reputation depends very much on the impression made. In deciding upon suitable clothing for Clarendon we have taken into account cost, availability, durability and suitability for daily wear to and from school and around the school. We want students prepared for learning. As parents and carers who have chosen to send their children to the school, we anticipate and appreciate your full support with this.

Please help us to ensure that our students – your children – are incredibly smart in the community too. All clothing and belongings should be marked with the owner’s name. The school is not liable for loss of personal items.

The Uniform - for all Seasons:

  • Navy Clarendon blazer with embroidered school logo (required).
  • Plain white shirt with turn down collar - no logos/decorations (required).
  • Navy, royal blue and white Clarendon tie (required).
  • A grey jumper with embroidered logo (optional).
  • Grey formal trousers/shorts in wool/polyester business style - no jeans or leggings )(required).
  • Shoes should be suitable for school. By this we mean that they should be a black polishable leather-type material. They should be formal style and not trainers or sports shoes (required).  No canvas, no trainers, leisure shoes or similar.  Shoes must not have high heels for health and safety reasons around site.
  • Students may wear the Clarendon checked skirt with box-pleat (no shorter than 8cm above the knees) and plain black knee length socks or tights (required).

Responses to frequently asked questions

  • Shirts must be tucked in.

  • Ties must be done up.

  • Blazers must be worn or carried on person.

  • The Clarendon jumper can be worn – but not as a replacement for the blazer.

  • Clarendon checked skirt must be no shorter than 8cm above the knee.

  • Coats can be worn in between lessons and at break/lunchtimes. We define a coat to be an extra top layer that either fully zips or buttons up. This is not as a replacement for the blazer.

  • No baseball caps/hats or hoods may be worn in lessons.

  • Jewellery: a pair of small stud type earrings or small hoops no larger than a 10p coin (no disk earrings or ear stretchers).

  • Acrylic nails are not permitted.

  • Facial jewellery – students may wear a single nose stud if they wish. No other types of nose or facial piercings are allowed.

  • Discreet and appropriate make-up may be worn.

Where to buy your child’s uniform

Clarendon uniform can be purchased from: Scholars School Wear Specialists

55/56 Fore Street, Trowbridge, BA14 8ET

Tel: 01225 753586

Click here to visit their website