Parents' Meeting Dates

The dates for this year are as follows:

Thursday 12 October 2023              Year 7/8/9/10/12 Tutor meetings

Tuesday 17 October 2023               Year 7/8/9/10/12 Tutor meetings

Thursday 2 November 2023             Year 11 teacher meeting

Thursday 9 November 2023             Year 13 teacher meeting

Thursday 16 November 2023          6th Form Open Evening  

Thursday 23 November 2023          Achievement Evening

Thursday 18 January 2024               Year 9 Teacher evening

Wednesday 24 January 2024         Year 9 Teacher evening

Tuesday 12 March 2024                   Year 12 evening

Thursday 21 March 2024                  Year  11 Teacher Meeting

Thursday 19 April 2024                     Year 13 Parents evening

Thursday 25 April 2024                     Year 10 Teacher meetings

Thursday 20 June 2024                     Year 8 Teacher meetings

Wednesday 26 June 2024               Year 8 Teacher meetings

Tuesday 2 July 2024                          Year 6 Induction Evening

How do you make an appointment?

To make your appointment, please login at:

We will let you know when the booking system is open.

Please select your son/daughter’s tutor and make an appointment at a time convenient to you.  If you do not find a time available that is convenient to you, please contact your son/daughter’s tutor directly, and they will liaise with you to find a more appropriate time.  You can find all email addresses available on our website here .  

To login you will need to enter:

  1. Your first name and surname
  2. Your child’s first name, surname and date of birth
  3. The login details you enter must match those we have on record for you.