Staff Contacts

Name Responsibilities Email Address


Sarah Mrs

Assistant Headteacher/

Designated Safeguarding Lead 
ANDREWS Margaret Mrs Teacher of Maths 
ANDREWS Sarah Mrs Head of DT
AUSTIN Ellie Miss Teacher of History
Barker, Chris Mr Supply Teacher
BAYLEY Olivia Miss Technician
BAYLEY Paul Mr Technician
BIEDA Andrea Miss Teacher of History 
BIGNOLD Fiona Mrs Pastoral Support - Attendance / DSL Team
BINDON Rob Mr Assistant Headteacher 
BLACKMORE Jayne Mrs Resources 
BOND Sharon Mrs Enhanced provision Co-Ordinator
BRENNAN Georgina Miss Teaching Assistant
BREWER Kirsty Mrs Teaching Assistant 
BROWNE Dee Miss Teacher of Maths
CADE David Mr

Deputy Headteacher 

Data Protection Officer
CADET Matilde Miss Teacher of MFL 
CHIPPERFIELD Kate Dr Teacher of Science
CLARK Oliver Mr Teacher of Geography
CLIFTON Natalie Mrs Finance Officer
CLUNE Louise Miss Assistant Headteacher / Director of PE
COLLER-JONES Charmian Mrs Teacher of EP 
COPEMAN Nigel Mr Head of Kestrel House / Teacher of BV
CRIPPS Kelly Miss Head of Maths

2nd in English/

Responsibility for KS4 and KS5 English
DALBY Tom Mr KS3 Lead in PE / Teacher in DT
DEANE Rupert Mr Teacher of PE/Geography
DEW Ryan Mr Premises team 
DIXON Jack Mr Teaching Assistant
EEDLE Sherian Mrs Learning Centre Teacher
EYLES Jenny Mrs Head of Art
FAULKNER Telissa Mrs  Teacher of English / Literacy Support and Intervention
FLANAGAN Jane Mrs Teacher of English
FORBES Ewa Mrs EAL Co-ordinator
FORD Jennifer Mrs Teaching Assistant
FOREMAN John Mr Catering Manager
FORTUNE Diane Mrs DT Technician
FOX Danielle Miss

Head of Health &Social Care / Head of PE
FRASER_SMITH Sianna Miss Teacher of Science
GAFFNEY Kristine Ms Head of Dance
GILLARD Kay Miss Head of Languages
GRAHAM Kathryn Mrs  Exams Officer
GRIFFITHS Mike Mr Deputy Headteacher
GULLIS Diana Mrs Lead Science Technician
HADLEY Ciara Mrs Teacher of English
HARFORD Joseph Mr Head of Eagle House / Teacher of PE
HARRALL Claire Mrs Teaching Assistant
HASLAM Tracy Mrs DT Teacher
HAYWARD Jack Mr Network Manager 
HEDGES Leah Miss Teacher of Maths
HENDERSON Anna Mrs Receptionist
HICKTON Nadine Mrs  Catering and Hospitality
HICKTON Otis Mrs Resources & Staff Cover co-ordinator
HIDALGO-CURTIS Claire Dr  Head of 6th Form
HITCHEN Courtney Miss Teacher of Science 
HOBBS Elizabeth Mrs Teaching Assistant 
HOOPER Sarah Mrs Second in Maths
HOWELL Nancy Miss Designated Teacher LAC / Link teacher
IBBETSON Abigail Miss Teacher of Performing Arts
ILES Katie Miss Teacher of PE 
JOHN Emma Mrs 2nd in Science
JONES Rhys Mr Assistant Headteacher/ Head of Science
KANE Ciara Miss Teacher of English 
KING Lesley Ms Classroom Supervisor
KRUPA Dani Miss IT
LARBY Toni-Marie Miss Head of Psychology and Sociology
LAWRENCE Darren Mr Head of History
LEVETT Voirey Ms Teacher of MFL
LEWIS Amy Miss Teacher of French/Deputy Head of House
LIGGINS Martina Mrs Head of ICT
LUND  Katherine Miss Teacher of English/Head of Literacy
MAIDMENT Lisa Mrs 6th Form Admin
MANNING Carole Mrs Pastoral Support / Student Welfare
MARTIN Kevin Mr Head of KS3 Maths / Teacher of Maths
McCARTHY Ben Mr Teacher of Science/Deputy Head of House
MCMAHON Jordan Miss Teaching Personnel Teacher
MORRIS Sophie Miss Teacher of English
MEARS Sue Mrs Springboard Lead
NOLAN Tom Mr Assistant Headteacher/SENDCo
O'CALLAGHAN Oliver Mr Site Team Apprentice 
PAGET Rupert Mr Teacher of  Art and DT
PARSONS Val Mrs Catering & Hospitality
PENNY Reanne Miss TA
PHILLIPS Susan Mrs Science Technician
PITMAN Alice Mrs Teaching Assistant
PRICE Rob Mr Executive Headteacher 
RAIKES-May Mandy Mrs Data Manager
RAYNES Camilla Mrs Teacher of Geography / Outdoor Education
ROACH Francesca Mrs  Head of Performing Arts
ROSS Michael Mr Premises Manager
RUMSEY Katie Mrs Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of English
SANCHEZ Anthony Mr Assistant Headteacher in charge of Behaviour
SAUNDERS Adam Mr  Teaching Personnel Teacher
SMITH Hayden Mr Head of BV / RS / Careers
SNELLING Angie Mrs HR, PA to Headteacher
SOAN, Amy Mrs Head of English
SPAIN Michelle Miss Teacher of English
STRAZZANTI Claudia Ms DT Teacher
TALBOT James Mr Teacher of Science
TAYLOR Melissa Miss Teaching Assistant
THORMAN Elfie Miss Teaching Assistant 
THROWER Jane Mrs  Teacher of Maths
TRIM Lauren Miss Teacher of PE
TUCKER Jane Mrs Attendance Officer
TURZE Craig Mr Headteacher 
WALKER Carolyn Mrs Supply Teacher
WENHAM Wendy Mrs SEND Admin
WHEELER Dawn Mrs Teaching Assistant
WIGHTMAN Emily Mrs  Teaching Assistant
WILLIAMS Kurt Mr Head of Geography
WILTSHIRE Megan Miss Teaching Assistant
WITT Cheryl Miss Science Technician
WORSFOLD Samuel Mr Teacher of PE
YEOMAN, Alison Dr TA / Springboard support
YOUNG Felicity Mrs  Behaviour Manager