Why Choose Clarendon Sixth Form?

Thank you for your interest in Clarendon Academy Sixth Form

The teachers and support staff at our school are committed to supporting each of our students as they refine the range of academic and social skills they need to be a success in their future. In my role as Head of Sixth Form, the progress and the welfare of every single one of our students are my greatest priorities.

For most students, the two years they experience in Sixth Form will be some of the most memorable and most important years in their lives: They will face new and tough challenges in their studies, but they will also become more knowledgeable, more efficient, and more insightful in how they address them. They will encounter new responsibilities and new expectations from the people who surround them, but they will also make new friends and be given every opportunity to prove their potential. They will make pivotal decisions that may affect the rest of their lives, but they will also receive support and guidance of the very highest quality.

Our Sixth Form is shaped by the same three core values as the rest of our school:



We are an inclusive Sixth Form, welcoming to all people regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sexuality or background. We pride ourselves on our friendliness and the warmth with which we relate to one another. Our students and our staff share positive, professional relationships, and treat each other with mutual respect and dignity.


Sixth Form studies are often challenging, which means students need to be diligent and resilient in order to succeed. We expect our student to meet the deadlines set by their subject teachers, to attend school regularly, and to apply themselves wholeheartedly to their studies. In return, we ensure they receive excellent subject specialist support, but also the mentoring and guidance of a Sixth Form tutor.


We want our students to be ambitious and to work towards future study/employment opportunities that will provide them with a secure, fulfilling and happy adult life. For many, this will involve applications to university, but it may also involve apprenticeships and other post-18 options. Whatever path our students take, we will guide and support them in taking the next important steps along it.

Dr Claire Hidalgo-Curtis
Head of Sixth Form

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