At Clarendon we aspire to create a truly inclusive learning environment which enables all our students to make progress and become happy, confident young adults.

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When a student has a special educational need, we ensure that all teachers are aware of these needs and strategies.

If a student has a specific educational need, we also offer a range of different interventions which help us target their individual needs. Students are selected for these interventions based on their needs, data collected from literacy screeners and from teacher feedback.

They include;

Intervention How the Students Access this support
ELSA (Emotional Literacy intervention)

For students with mental health needs who need support on confidence, friendships or regulation techniques.

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Reading Intervention This is individual or group support for students who have a been identified as having a reading weakness.
Targeted Maths Intervention This is group support for those identified by teachers & data as having a numeracy issue.
1:1 Mentoring This support is provided for students needing guidance from a member of the SEND team during tutor time.
A Basic Literacy Intervention (Learning Centre Lessons) This  is for students identified as having an issue with literacy skills including phonics, spelling and reading, from teacher assessments. This is timetabled against Languages. Students and families are informed if they will benefit from the Learning Centre lessons as these take place instead of Language lessons to focus on improving literacy skills.
Thrive 1:1 Sessions

This intervention is used to support students with more developed needs impacting on their social, emotional, mental health. This 1:1 support creates an Action Plan and Thrive assessment with strategies which can be used to promote wellbeing at home and school.

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Speech and Language Intervention This targeted intervention is for students who need support for speech and language needs, around developing vocabulary and language skills.
Physio for Students with Physical Impairment Needs This is support we offer students with a physical impairment who need targeted intervention to improve or support a physical need.



We offer screeners for dyslexic traits where teachers or families report a concern which is believed to relate to dyslexia. We are not able to assess for dyslexia and confirm a diagnosis but the LASS and RAPID screeners can indicate if there is a high likelihood for dyslexia and this information is then be shared with families, the young person and staff to best support the young person and ensure their progress.

If you would like to know more about the LASS and RAPID screeners, the links for both are below;

Lucid Rapid - GL Assessment

Lucid LASS 11-15 - GL Assessment


We can complete a screener for dyscalculia where an assessor can indicate the likelihood of the young person having dyscalculia and strategies for supporting them in making progress. If we believe that a young person will benefit from this screener, we will contact you directly.

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If you have any concerns about your child and wish to have a meeting or some advice, please contact Mr Nolan (whilst Ms Bryant is on maternity leave) on:  

If you would like more advice on a specific need or concern, or information on services and specific SEND websites, please see the bottom of this page titled ‘Useful Links’ or if you would like to read the SEND policies, and reports, please our Policies page.

Thank you

Mr Nolan 

Additional SEND Information

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Useful Links

Detailed below is a list of helpful links and information that we think might be of use to you if your child has any special educational needs. If you are aware of any other useful websites, please let us know and we will try to include a link to them.

Specialist Education Services

The National ADD Information and Support Service

Royal Institute for the Blind

The British Epilepsy Association

British Dyslexia Association

Aspergers Support

Autism Independent UK

National Autistic Society

The Dyspraxia Foundation

Supporting Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties in Wiltshire

Acorn SEND Information