Key Stage 5

Full information on each of the subjects we offer at Key Stage 5 (or in the Sixth Form) via the Sixth Form section of the website. You can also scroll to the bottom of this page for a link that will take you to the information on these subjects. 

The curriculum at Key stage 5 further builds on the substantive and disciplinary knowledge developed across Key Stages 3 and 4, with students able to select the main components of their curriculum. We offer a wide range of academic and vocational subjects, taught by subject specialists which inspire, challenge and support all of our students.

The key aim of our Key Stage 5 curriculum is to successfully facilitate students’ progression onto their chosen pathway post-18, whether that is going to university, getting an apprenticeship or moving into the job market.

As at Key Stages 3 and 4, our Key Stage 5 curriculum is informed by our whole-school curriculum model. You can read more about this via the Curriculum Model page (see right), or by clicking on the link to the document below:

Secondary School Curriculum Model

In the Sixth Form, students have flexibility and can study subjects of their choice, but according to their ability. Our Sixth Form offer is designed to enable all students to succeed. We do all in our power to avoid setting any students up to fail. Therefore, we guide students carefully in their choices.

Advice and guidance is available from both the Sixth Form team and our careers support to ensure students can maximise their outcomes by choosing the right courses for them. As with KS4, we offer a Pathways Model to guide students towards a suite of courses we know they will succeed in. Again, please note that the pathways model is only a guide for individual students: where a student wishes to study according to a different pathway, accommodation can usually be made to suit a particular aspiration or interest in a subject.


Academic Pathway 5 grades 9-4, or equivalent, including English and Maths. This must include 4 GCSEs at grade 5 or above. You must then have met the entry requirements of the A-Level subjects you wish to study. 3 (or 4) full A Levels
Mixed Pathway 5 grades 9-4, or equivalent. You must then have met the entry requirements of the A-Level and BTEC subjects you wish to study. 3 subjects, to include a maximum of 2 A Levels
Vocational Pathway You must have met the entry requirement for the double BTEC within your chosen package. A package of 1 double and 1 single BTEC, plus GCSE Maths and/or GCSE English re-takes if required

In addition to meeting the requirements for their chosen Pathway, students must also meet the entry requirements for each of the subjects they select. These entry requirements are provided in the document below:




Personal Development 

We continue to help our students develop the knowledge they need to lead happy, healthy lives, both now and in the future, through our Personal Development curriculum at Key Stage 5. This includes statutory learning in PSHE, RSE and careers education. 

Personal Development at this key stage is delivered through the tutor programme, with three sessions a week devoted to a different element of the curriculum. This curriculum has been mapped and sequenced to build on what students know already, but also to introduce them to new ideas and issues that are appropriate to their age. Alongside tutor periods, students take part in a number of 'collapsed days', as well as visits from guest speakers and trips. 

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