Heads of School Update - 15 October 2021

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/ Head of School
October 15th 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you so much for the continued support you have given us throughout this term.  I don’t know about you, but we are certainly ready for the half term!

There has been a noticeable rise in the number of positive cases in the past fortnight in the community, and as preventative measures, and in line with Public Health England, we will be making the following changes from term 2:

  • We will not be holding any large gathering of students – for example, a year group assembly or house assembly. These will be moving to Teams.
  • We are recommending that students and staff wear face coverings in communal areas. This would include any indoor areas and corridors, except when eating or drinking. This would not include classrooms during lesson times, although students may wish to do so.
  • We will increase the use of hand sanitisation. If students are able to bring in their own hand sanitiser, this would be really helpful.
  • Windows will continue to be left open to increase airflow / ventilation. We will of course continue to allow students to wear coats in lessons if they are cold as a result of this.  
  • Classrooms will be looked at, and in a few rooms where the removal of rows has taken place, these will be placed back to rows, so that students are facing in the same direction rather than facing each other.

I hope you understand we have to make these changes to reduce the spread of the virus, as we approach the colder months.

Over the half term, please continue with twice weekly lateral flow testing, and keep uploading the results onto the GOV.UK website, and here at the school.  


How do you upload the results to the GOV.UK website?

Please go to https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result or report by telephone to 119.

How do you inform school of the result after each test?

Please go to https://bit.ly/clarendonstudentresults.

Please do continue to contact us on any of the following numbers, if you have any questions.  Thank you again for your continued support, and have a lovely Half Term break.

All the best


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