Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to reflect our vision statement: Aspire to Excellence

Our aim is to develop the young people in our care, so that they arrive as enthusiastic children in Year 7, and leave us at the end of Year 13 as fully rounded young adults. We want them to be ready to face the world with confidence and a belief that they can go on and achieve their dreams.

Our students’ lives should be significantly enhanced by their experiences at Clarendon.  Our goal is to ensure they go on to achieve excellence because of their time with us.

We aim to achieve this goal through our 3 core values:

  • Respect (be kind):
    All members of the Clarendon community must respect themselves and others. We promote a tolerant community where the rights of all our members are respected and we all understand and celebrate diversity. We aim to build trust, teamwork, and responsibility. We actively work with all the community to be kind.
  • Determination (work hard):
    Our school actively promotes the need to work hard. We want students to experience success, but also failure along their journey. We will measure their determination and resilience in how they bounce back from setbacks and use them as learning opportunities. 
  • Excellence (do your best):
    We aim to develop leaders at all levels. We want students to strive for excellence in all they do. We expect them to do your best and put pride into their work. We want them to represent themselves and the school with pride. It is important to us that we strive for excellence.

Our 3 values are embedded in our curriculum in the school. They also underpin our rewards policy and we actively look to praise students for showing these qualities in their everyday lives.

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We have a broad, balanced and rich curriculum which is open and accessible to all students, giving them the choice to shape their own future. We strive to give all students the chance to have ownership over their futures and to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in moving onto the next phase of their education, employment or training.

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