Curriculum Principles

We are proud to be part of the Acorn Education Trust. As a Trust, we believe passionately that every child/student:

  1. Feels they belong
    Feeling safe, happy and supported is the first priority in every setting. They are the foundations upon which the next five aims can be established and achieved.
  2. Is challenged
    Every day in lessons, in regular and one off activities and events, the children and students are encouraged to feel like “Bambi on Ice”, instilling confidence, resilience, the desire to take on new opportunities, take risks, and, accept failure and success.
  3. Develops a love of learning
    The interests and talents of each child/student, alongside the key skills of literacy and numeracy well as consideration of breadth, balance, and specialised provision, drives each curriculum, allowing all learners to flourish.
  4. Has aspiration
    Opportunities to widen their horizons locally, nationally and internationally ensures every child/student is engaged, has a sense of inquiry and continues to work with rigor, enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. In Church Schools a sense of spirituality infuses the culture and learning of the school.
  5. Makes a unique contribution to their school
    Independence, leadership, teamwork, a sense of community, of giving and taking and being the best that you can be, is developed at every educational stage.
  6. Is ready for their world in their time
    Every trust leader and school leader must know and understand their schools, their children/students and their community, and, through regular monitoring and evaluation is able to adapt the curriculum to ensure it is preparing every learner for their next stage.

At Clarendon

There is a strong focus on excellence in both academic and vocational qualifications within Clarendon. We have a clear emphasis on the development of literacry across the curriculum (both in reading and writing) and have appropriate and bespoke suppot in place for students with additional needs. 

Our teachers engage and challenge all students, measuring their progress and intervening appropriately. Our teachers know their students, are dedicated to meeting their needs and aim to reward students for living up to our three values: respect, determination and excellence.

Our subject content is carefully sequenced, with the big picture regularly communicated to students through cumulative learning and assessment feedback where students can talk about their progress.