National Science Week Success

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/ Clarendon Academy
March 30th 2022

In celebration of Science Week, all of Year 8 at Clarendon Academy were taken on a Science trip to We The Curious on Wednesday 16th March. This was a real treat for everyone after not being able to have a whole year group school trip for two years.

They got to do many exciting things which recall, apply and extend their scientific, mathematic, artistic and geographic knowledge. Here are just some of examples:

  • Create their own animations in the Aardman Animations inspired exhibits
  • Get a glimpse of life as an astronaut in the Space Gallery
  • Mould the tactile sand
  • Study the science of food
  • Research some of life’s big questions:
    • Is there another me in the Universe?
    • Who was the first person to see sand?
    • How do you become invisible?
    • What controls our perception of time and how can we slow it down?
    • Why do rainbows make people happy?
    • Can your soul be seen by science?
    • Will we ever find a way to prevent being ill?
  • Journey on their own tailored 3D space mission in an out of this world Planetarium show
  • As well as a lot of picture perfect giant bubble creations!

Clarendon had a brilliant time, here are just some of the quotes from the enthused Year 8 students:

“One of my favourite parts was the planetarium as it made you feel like you were actually in space and visiting the planets” - Izzy C

“I enjoyed talking to people I usually don't. I liked watching the 3D show” - Kizzy R

“Milking the cow brought a fun and educational experience! I have the ‘UDDER-most’ respect for farmers" - Maya

“I really enjoyed the hamster wheel and making a marble run upstairs” - Jessica B

It was fantastic experience for both students and staff who got to enjoy an engaging day out. Clarendon were very happy to offer the opportunity for an entire year group to really get stuck into Science and had applied for a grant to allow every student to be able to go on the trip.

Now a couple weeks on, our Year 8 pupils have a renewed love for Science, and many can still be heard discussing the best parts of their trip and are often seen writing with their complementary We The Curious pens and pencils. Due to the success of the trip, and how every student demonstrated our values of respect, determination and excellence, we are ecstatic to announce that the trip will now be a yearly expedition for our Year 8 pupils every year. So, Year 7 Clarendon students, get excited!