Staggered Start and Finish times/ Enter and Exit gates

April 29th 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are adjusting our start and finish times slightly, starting on Monday 29th March.  The reason we are doing this is to align ourselves more with our local schools.  We would appreciate your support in ensuring your son/daughter continues to arrive and depart at their allocated time, using their allocated gate.  The changes we would like to introduce can be seen highlighted below in yellow.

Year group Arrival time Departure time Gate
13/12 8:40 2:55 Back gate
11 8:40 2:55 Reception gate
10 8:45 3:00 Front left gate
9 8:45 3:00 Back gate
8 8:30 3:00 Leisure centre gate
7 8:30 2:45 Bike shed gate


If you are dropping off or picking your son/daughter up, please could you continue to do so from the top of the Leisure Centre car park.

As ever, please do contact me directly if you wish to discuss any of the above changes on the following number: 07874796897, or email me on

Thank you for your continued support.

All the very best,

Mr Cade
Deputy Headteacher