Cycle to School Permit

February 8th 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

Clarendon Academy supports students who wish to walk or cycle to school, since it improves their health and fitness, reduces traffic outside of the school, and benefits their general development.

If you wish your son/daughter to cycle to school, please could you complete the permission slip here. It is important that we know the numbers of students cycling to school, even if this is on an irregular basis.  This ensures we can have enough bike storage space.   Parents and carers are also advised to take out appropriate insurance cover as the school’s insurance does not cover loss or damage to bicycles.

Cycle Helmets

For your child’s safety, students must wear a correctly fitted cycle helmet, and use appropriate reflective clothing and bike lights when visibility is poor. From Monday 14th February, we will only be allowing students to cycle to school and use the bike storage area if the above permisision slip has been completed.

Conditions for Cycling to School

  1. All students must wear a correctly fitted cycle helmet.
  2. All students must ride sensibly and follow the Highway Code.
  3. All bicycles must be in a roadworthy condition.
  4. All bicycles must be locked securely in the bike shed.

Clarendon Academy reserves the right to revoke this permit in the event that these conditions are ignored.  If you have any questions, please do contact us on the following details.

Thank you for your support.


Rob Price                                                 Craig Turze                                            David Cade

Executive Headteacher                        Head of School                                     Head of School

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