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October 11th 2021

Pe king fixture

Year 7 Rugby Team - Mr Worsfold

It was the first time many of the year 7 team had stepped onto a rugby field on Thursday. This is due to the fantastic numbers we are getting at training (we nearly have enough players to field two teams). It is safe to say that the team had a great experience. There were several outstanding performers, but a few that I wish to give a special mention to are Aflie, Sulaymen and Kobi. These three players have been highlighted for many different reasons. Firstly, Alfie helped lead the team’s defensive line extremely well due to his knowledge of the game. Sulaymen produced some moments of magic which enabled him to step through Kingdown’s line and exploit the space to help our team to gain territory. Kobi was the player we could count on when it came to defending, he was the first player to make a tackle, and the first player to help organise the squad. He could be a future captain!

The most important thing for us is that the boys enjoy the extra-curricular activities that we deliver here at Clarendon, and that they uphold the core values that we hold so dear. It is safe to say that yet again, each one of our year 7 students were exemplary on and off the field.

We look forward to further developing your rugby skills this Friday at training. 

Year 8 Rugby Fixture - Mr Collier

After their first training fixture last week in the pouring rain, the year 8 rugby team were due a bit of luck with the weather. That’s exactly what they had when the sun came out for their second fixture of the 2021/22 rugby season, against Kingdown. The boys travelled to Kingdown and in similar fashion to last week, they arrived in the right frame of mind to maximise their development through enjoyment and plenty of learning moments. The boys started the game brilliantly, moving the ball well and scoring 5 tries before the 15 minute mark. The half time whistle came and the boys were leading the hosts by 25 points to 5. In order to get more out of this group and see them develop the range of other skills they have in their tool box, certain constraints were put in place. As a result, the second half consisted of plenty of new skills being developed and the endeavour amongst the boys was magnificent. Although Kingdown managed to gain some momentum with the ball and score 3 tries in the second half, the Clarendon attack was too strong which left the final score at 45-15.

Some notable performances came from Samuel , Harry , and Sebastian , who all made some yard-crunching runs and beating defenders with ease. Not to forget Georgia’s ability to offload the ball in every way possible, George’s ferocious defence to stop Kingdown scoring on a number of occasions, Angelo with his support play to win and secure the ball for the team and finally, Josh who has made huge strides with his own performance since the start of term. It was very obvious that this group had developed significantly as a result of the training session Mr Dalby held with them last year, with many of this group choosing to go on and play club rugby.

This was an extremely successful fixture for both sides. The boys came away with better understanding of the game, their skills have been developed and most importantly, they left the pitch with a smile on their face, which is what Rugby Union is all about.