Yr 11 Results and Appeals

July 14th 2021

Dear Year 11 students, parents and carers.

I am writing to you to let you know the arrangements for students receiving their results this year.

On Thursday 12th August students will receive their results by email to their school email address. It is essential that students make sure they can access their school email account in advance. Should any students have an issue accessing their school email account they must contact us by 22nd July at the latest; we will not be able to help with email access issues on results day itself. These results will be sent out between 8:30am and midday.

For students who have applied for the Sixth Form, the results email will include a letter confirming whether or not they have met the requirements of their offer. Students who have not achieved the requirements of their offer will be able to make an appointment with Mr Griffiths to discuss alternative options in the Sixth Form. These appointments will be available on Results Day and on Tuesday 17th August, and can be conducted in person or via Teams. Please be reassured that we will always try our best to accommodate any applicants to the Sixth Form with the wide range of courses we offer at this level. Further details for all Sixth Form applicants, including the format of the first day back in Sixth Form in September, will be included in these letters.

Should students be applying for education providers other than our sixth form, or apprenticeships, and require additional guidance following their results, then they should email our teacher responsible for careers support, Mr Smith, at hos@clarendonacademy.com

If students or parents have any queries about the results received I would firstly ask that you read both our guidance previously issued on how subjects will be determining grades and also our formal JCQ Centre Policy. Both of these documents can be found on our exams page on our school website:

If following reading our guidance and policy you have further queries then in the first instance can I ask that you email me at cxt@clarendonacademy.com explaining the query and also giving a contact telephone number. This email must come from the student’s clarendon email address in order that we can respond. Please note that OFQUAL guidance is that during August the priority is dealing with any grade enquiries related to university applications, with any enquiries not affecting university places being dealt with subsequently, up until mid-September. We will however do all we can to deal with Year 11 enquires as fully as possible on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th August. Following these two days we will then resume dealing with enquiries when the school year resumes in September.

Following any initial enquiries, should students not be satisfied with the explanation of grade awarded, then they can submit a formal appeal. The paperwork for doing this can also be found on the exam page of the school website.

I wish all students the best of luck with their results and the next steps in their education and thank parents for your support throughout this process.

Yours sincerely,


Mr C. Turze
Head of School