Year 10 Students Experience Virtual Babies

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July 7th 2021

Throughout Term 6, the Year 10 Health and Social Care students have had the opportunity to look after a virtual baby for a weekend. The virtual baby project is a community led programme ran by the Mothers’ Union who are based in Salisbury. Only a couple schools were selected to take part in this project, where six members of the union came in every Friday during Term 6 to deliver the babies to the students, which we are extremely grateful for.

A virtual baby is a lifelike doll which is programmed to cry, sleep and wet their nappies. They mimic the behaviour of a young baby needing to be fed, burped, changed, rocked and cared for.

They give a very clear idea on what it takes to care for a newborn! The students involved demonstrated a variety of skills in order to look after their baby and learnt a lot about the roles of responsibilities of becoming a parent.