Clarendon Academy COVID Test Centre

January 21st 2021

COVID testing for staff and students

The Clarendon Academy has opened an on-site COVID Testing Centre, available for staff and students who are in school.

The purpose of school testing is to identify people who have no symptoms, but are carrying the virus. If you have symptoms, you must NOT come to school. Contact the NHS – they will test you.

Parental consent

Parents of children under 16 need to provide consent before their child can be tested. A consent form can be obtained from These forms are being distributed via email in preparation for the return of our students.

The testing process

Staff are invited to come to the Clarendon Test Centre regularly for a COVID test. Students will be tested twice on their return to school.

The Test Centre is located in room S1 in the science block. S1 has an outside door, please enter through this door, it is clearly signposted. When you arrive at the Test Centre, please wait outside until you are invited in by a member of the Test Team. The Test Team will register the test, they may need to ask you some personal details about you. Once you are registered, you will be directed to a bay where you will do the test. A member of the Test Team will ask you to swab your tonsil area and inside one nostril. They will help you by talking you through the swabbing steps. The test takes a few minutes. When you have completed the test, leave the Test Centre through the exit door. Test results should be available within 45 minutes.