year 11 and 13 Prom tickets - available now!

May 6th 2022

A reminder that Year 11 (7th July) and year 13 Prom (6th July) tickets are now available to purchase from ParentMail or from Tickets for the year 11 prom are £31, and year 13 is £25, (the ticket price difference is based on the differing activities/food packages students in differing year groups have opted for) and we are very excited for all of the fabulous things we have planned for both evenings. 

The Prom Clothing Store is also now open to students, for any further information please speak to Mrs Roach! the purpose of the store is to providde new, or lightly used, good quality formalwear to students who cannot find something for themselves. Students can discretely ask Mrs Roach for an appointment via

Donations for the receipt of the prom clothing are accepted, and go straight back into prom fund.