LGBT+ Celebration Month

March 4th 2022

This week we kick started our LGBT+ Celebration Month at Clarendon with an Assembly on the history of how the LGBT+ community have been treated around the world. We then focused in on our school, thinking about the language that we use and how some words used in certain ways can be hurtful to some of our students and staff. The assembly ended looking at Alan Turing, whose mathematical and technical genius saved millions of lives by breaking the enigma code during World War II. We thought about whether the fact that he was a homosexual man, meant that his achievements were any less worth celebrating. Following this, students have been exploring key people, events and language used within their subjects that link to the LGBT+ community. This month (and every month) we are supporting and celebrating our LGBT+ community, not only within Clarendon but also with our community.

The teachers have also been flying the Ally flag in classes and it has been displayed around the school.