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March 31st 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

As we near the end of The Acorn Trust’s third year at Clarendon, we are pleased to share some of the really positive news surrounding our school.

We feel that we have never been in such a strong and healthy position:

  • Our new Year 7 intake for September looks to be the largest we have had here in many, many years. We are looking at a year group of between 190-200 (that’s 34% higher than it was three years ago). This is really exciting for us and shows the growing, strong reputation of our school.
  • Our sixth form numbers also look really healthy. Three years ago, we had around 80 students in the sixth form. As of September, that number should be around 130! Again, showing the growing popularity of our school.

We are also due to spend a significant sum of money on the school over the next year:

  • The roof of our DT building is to be completely replaced.
  • The Edward Hyde and DT toilets are to be completely refurbished and converted to a modern, open plan style that many schools now have.
  • S2 and S3 science labs are to be refurbished.
  • Groundwork for building four new classrooms is to commence.
  • We will completely decorate the Edward Hyde Hall.
  • We will completely redecorate and refurbish the Social Sciences area of the school.

Also, our staffing here at the school is incredibly strong. As you know, we have recruited really well over the three years and the great news is that we are holding onto the best staff too. Staff morale is really high at the school and we all love our roles working with your children.

So, I can say with absolute confidence that Clarendon is in a great position.

Many of you will know that over the past year, I have held the role of Executive Headteacher in The Acorn Trust alongside my Headteacher role at Clarendon. As part of this role, I have been working with two primary schools in The Trust and helping to support the Headteachers there.

This role is changing slightly, and I will instead be working with Kingdown School in Warminster (the other secondary school in The Acorn Trust). My role will be to work alongside the two Heads of School there to support and direct the school.

My aim is to bring both schools closer together and create lots of collaboration and staff development to ensure the students get the best possible education. I feel that this is a real positive for Clarendon!

As with my role this year, the students and the staff will not notice any difference if I am temporarily out of the building. Our senior team at Clarendon is so strong and very capable of running things for me if I am absent for a short period of time. Please note though: I remain completely in charge.

I am so incredibly proud of the work we have done at Clarendon. It is such a lovely, kind and caring school. Our simple values of respectdetermination, and excellence and our culture of rewards makes it very special. We also don’t put up with any nonsense. The students know the parameters for good behaviour and are thriving.

Just ask our Year 7s for example, and their daily attendance of 98%. They are very happy!

Please take care and I hope you have a lovely Easter.

As ever, please call me directly on 07732 800899 if you need me.

All the best,
Mr Price