At Clarendon we aspire to create a truly inclusive learning environment which enables all our students to make progress and become happy, confident young adults.

When a student has a special educational need, we ensure that all teachers are aware of these needs and strategies in our secure, internal online database.

If a student has a specific educational need, we also offer a range of different interventions which help us target their individual needs. Students are selected for these interventions based on their needs, data collected from literacy screeners and from teacher feedback.

They include;

· ELSA (Emotional Literacy) intervention

· Toe by Toe reading intervention

· Targeted Maths Intervention

· 1:1 mentoring

· A Peer mentoring scheme

· A Basic Literacy Intervention

· THRIVE mental health sessions

· Targeted Spelling Intervention

· Speech and Language Intervention

· Physio for students with physical impairment needs

If you have any concerns about your child and wish to have a meeting or some advice, please contact Ms Bryant the SENCo, or from October 2019, Mr Nolan who will be SENCo whilst I am on maternity leave.

Thank you

Miss Bryant



The Clarendon Academy SEND Team:

Claire Harrall – TA

Jean Smith – TA and Parent Contact for students with Autism

Sue Mears – Springboard Coordinator

Alison Yeoman – TA

Jack Dixon – TA

Sophie Bryant – SENCo

Tom Nolan – SENCo

Nick Banks – Physical Impairment TA

Leilah Rose – Physical Impairment TA

Lisa Maidment – Maths Intervention

Sheriann Eedle – Learning Centre teacher


Local Offer SEND
SEND Information Report
SEN Policy 2019