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​​​​The Clarendon Way

Secondary school education is preparation for life. At Clarendon we take that privilege and responsibility very seriously. We begin with the end in sight, knowing that over seven years from leaving primary school at eleven to graduating from the 6th Form at eighteen, we have to provide the inspiration, knowledge, teaching, learning and support to encourage every young person to hold onto their dreams and turn them into a reality.  

Our vision for every student

This is a child centred school. We have to provide for the needs of the 21st century and be very sensitve to the challenges facing young people. Every decision made in this school is done for the benefit of every student. For staff and students alike, we are committed to the values of the Education Fellowship academies:

  • Working hard to achieve excellence
  • Courage to stand up for what we believe in
  • Respecting others
  • Having fun and a good quality of life
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Humility, compassion and concern for others
  • ​Tolerance and forgiveness
  • Confidence to lead
  • Kindness
Respect is a key word.  The academy day operates in a calm and business-like manner. Senior staff visit every lesson and students stand when we enter the room. Teachers are addressed as Sir or Miss. Discipline matters and our students know this is a very safe school.

Our core purpose is of course ensuring maximum success for every student. We set stretching targets for all students; from the moment we speak to their Year 6 teacher we are planning their route to success. Targets are reviewed regularly and parents kept well informed. Progress is our purpose. You will receive six progress reports a year and have at least one consultation meeting with all of your child's teachers and senior leaders (more in examination years).

All teachers are challenged to be consistently 'outstanding' and lessons are rigorously reviewed. We believe that the modern classroom should be an inspiring blend of contemporary technology and the eternal art of good teaching.

The curriculum is planned to meet the needs of all students offering rich academic, creative, practical and vocational learning. Years 7 and 8 are devoted to the development of key skills and immersion in all that the curriculum offers. Students are then guided through an options programme and spend three years, 9 to 11, studying for their GCSEs.

Throughout Year 11 students are mentored for success and post-16 choices. Our 6th Form is highly successful and offers a rich mixture of 'A' Level and their equivalent BTEC Level 3 qualifications in preparation for university and quality careers.