September 2019

Dear Student/Parent/Carer

16-19 Bursary Fund

 The government has a bursary scheme which is there to help support students, continuing in post-16 education, facing financial barriers or difficult circumstances.

Each school is allocated a fixed amount of money and has a compulsory obligation to firstly support the most vulnerable students and the remaining funds to be awarded on a discretionary basis targeting students facing financial hardship. Bursaries will be used specifically to help students pay for books, equipment, essential educational visits (the minimum requirement), and other course-related costs.

As your son/daughter is in receipt of ‘free school meals’ they will be eligible for this bursary.  Please complete the attached application form and return this to me by Friday 20 September.

Students will need to purchase the books, equipment, etc. and claim the money back.  Claim forms can be obtained from Mrs Jesson.  Please note if a student’s attendance falls below 95% or we have issues with their behaviour, the bursary application may be declined.

In the meantime, if you are finding it difficult to obtain correct resources for your course, please email Mrs Jesson on

Yours sincerely               

Mrs Fiona Jesson

Sixth Form Administrator  


Please see the link to the application form below

Post 16 Bursary Application Form