Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to give you an update on our uniform.

Edward Kirk at Scholars has been in touch this week to let me know that the uniform will be available to buy from the 15th June and that the shop will be open for business. The only item currently unavailable is the skirt. This has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and issues with suppliers. Edward assures me that this will be in stock from the 6th July.

Please note: No old style uniform will be available to purchase from now on.

We are not making any changes to the PE/Games Kit. It is only the main school uniform that has changed.

How the changes to uniform will come in:

Year 7: New School Uniform is to be worn from September 2020.

Years 8 – 11: The choice of wearing the new uniform, or continuing to wear the old uniform. As and when students need to buy replacements, only the new uniform will be available to them. We understand that parents may wish for their sons/daughters to wear out their old uniform first, before buying the new style.

We accept that we will have a period of time when:

  • many students will choose to wear the new uniform;
  • many will remain in the old uniform; and
  • over time, students will start to wear a mixture of the two.

I am perfectly happy with that, as I do not want parents to be out of pocket, especially during these stressful times.

From September 2021: all students in Years 7 to 11 will be expected to be in the new uniform.

Years 12 – 13: No changes to the existing Grey uniform.

New Uniform from September 2020

Jacket (Option 1) Or Jacket (Option 2)
Standard Jacket in Navy with the new Clarendon Logo – buttons up from the left

(Compulsory Item purchased from Scholars)

Fitted Jacket in Navy with the new Clarendon Logo – buttons up from the right

(Compulsory Item purchased from Scholars)


Standard Clarendon Tie in School Colours

(Compulsory Item purchased from Scholars).

Note: The tie is the same for all students. The school will provide students with a House coloured pin badge.

Trousers                                                                Or Skirt
Grey Trousers – any tone of grey is acceptable.

No skinny fit or leggings

(Compulsory item – can be bought from any retailer).


Skirt in new Clarendon Tartan

(Compulsory Item purchased from Scholars)


Shirt or Blouse
White Standard Shirt/Blouse

(Compulsory item – can be bought from any retailer)


Grey Pullover with the new or old Clarendon Logo

(Optional item – can be purchased from Scholars).

Note: it is fine for students to wear out their old pullover before buying a new one


The wearing of full Clarendon uniform is an expression of the personal pride that students take in themselves and the school. A student represents their school when in uniform and our reputation depends very much on the impression made. In deciding upon suitable clothing for Clarendon, we have taken into account cost, availability, durability and suitability for daily wear to and from school and around the school. We want students prepared for learning. As parents and carers who have chosen to send their children to the school, we anticipate and appreciate your full support with this.

All clothing and belongings should be marked with the owner’s name. The school is not liable for loss of personal items.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • Ties must be done up.
  • Blazers must be worn or carried on person.
  • The Clarendon jumper can be worn – but not as a replacement for the blazer.
  • Clarendon skirt must be no shorter than 8cm above the knee.
  • Smart grey trousers should be worn (no jeans or leggings)
  • Black shoes only (no canvas, trainers)
  • Coats should be smart (no denim or hoodies) – but not as a replacement for the blazer.
  • No baseball caps.
  • Jewellery: a pair of small stud type earrings and a watch only (no disk earrings, ear stretchers, hoops). No facial jewellery.
  • Discreet and appropriate make-up
  • Only clear or pale nail polish
  • Haircuts smart: no tramlines, no non-natural hair dye colours (pink, blue, green etc.)

Yours faithfully

Mr Price