Curriculum Statement


Curriculum Aims

Our curriculum is designed to reflect our mission statement: Aspire to Excellence

Clarendon Academy is located in the heart of Trowbridge and we see ourselves as a community school. We are here to serve students of all abilities, backgrounds and ages from Years 7 – 13.

Our aim is to develop the young people in our care, so that they arrive as enthusiastic children in Year 7, but leave us at the end of Year 13 as fully rounded young adults ready to face the world with confidence and belief that they can go on and achieve their dreams.

Curriculum Principles

We are proud to be part of the Acorn Education Trust. As a Trust, we believe passionately that every child/student:

  1. Feels they belong;
  2. Is challenged;
  3. Develops a love of learning;
  4. Has aspiration;
  5. Makes a unique contribution to their school; and
  6. Is ready for their world in their time.

Our Curriculum

  • We have a broad, balanced, and rich curriculum which is open and accessible to all students; it gives them the choice to shape their own future.
  • All students will learn a modern foreign language at Key Stage 3. We will make this a very attractive offer at both Key Stages 4 and 5, but will allow students the freedom to choose. We will not force a language upon them.
  • We strive to give ALL students the chance to have ownership over their futures and to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in moving onto their next phase of education, employment or training.
  • Subject content is sequenced and taught well, with the big picture consistently communicated. Learning is cumulative and students can talk about their progress.
  • Teachers engage and challenge all students, measuring their progress effectively and intervening appropriately. Teachers know their students and meet their needs.
  • We have high expectations at all times, with a belief that all students can meet those expectations. We aim to catch them being good and reward them regularly.
  • We have a strong focus on achievement in both academic and vocational qualifications.
  • We have appropriate and bespoke support for students with additional needs.
  • We have a clear emphasis on the development of literacy across all curriculum areas (both in reading and writing)
  • We have an exciting enrichment offer which provides a wide range of opportunities to develop the character and personal well-being of students.
  • We aim to develop the whole child, by building on the key qualities of: Leadership; Problem Solving; Team work; Resilience; Communication; Organisation; Literacy; and Numeracy

Key Stage 3

Full information on our Key Stage 3 Curriculum can be found here (Internal Link)

Key Stage 4

Full information on our Key Stage 4 Curriculum can be found here (Internal Link)

Key Stage 5

Full information on our Key Stage 5 Curriculum can be found here (Internal Link)