Dear Student,

You have made an excellent decision in choosing to study at The Clarendon Academy Sixth Form. I promise you that the teachers and support staff of our school are committed to supporting you as you refine the range of academic and social skills you need to be a success in your future. In my role as Head of Sixth Form, I can also promise that your progress and your welfare will be my priorities for the two years that you study with us.

The next two years will be some of the most memorable and most important years in your life: You will face new and tough challenges in your studies, but you will also become more knowledgeable, more efficient, and more insightful in how you address them. You will encounter new responsibilities and new expectations from the people who surround you, but you will also make new friends and be given every opportunity to prove your potential. You will make pivotal decisions that may affect the rest of your life, but you will also receive support and guidance of the very highest quality. If you value the importance of diligence, independence and resilience, your family, your friends, your teachers and – most importantly – you will be incredibly proud of what you achieve.

Our Sixth Form is shaped by four important principles that I expect every member of staff and every student to adhere to:

Inclusion: Everyone who conducts themselves with a positive attitude towards their work and towards others is welcome in our Sixth Form. We treat everyone with equal levels of respect and kindness, regardless of their ability or background.

Aspiration: We celebrate the values of diligence, independence and resilience. We support each other in becoming the best that we can be.

Opportunity: Our staff ensure that all students can make informed choices about their futures through providing them with frequent and meaningful opportunities to engage with career specialists, employers and higher education providers. Our students reflect carefully on their options and value the opportunities that they are given.

Wellbeing: We recognise the importance of maintaining good mental and physical health. We support those who are experiencing difficulties in their personal lives and direct them to those who are most qualified to help.

The Sixth Form tutors, teachers, support staff and I are here to listen to you, guide you, and support you. Your voice is valuable: Whether it be a problem, an idea, a solution, a worry, a question or even a compliment, please don’t hesitate to share it with us.

I look forward to seeing you succeed in your studies and thrive in our community.


Warm regards,

Mr Mike Griffiths