Useful Documents

Peer Mentoring Application Form

Recruitment Powerpoint


First Mentors trained October 2008.  Initial charity grant received to set up the scheme.

Initially Year 10s and Year 12s were trained.  From 2014 only Year 10s were trained.

2008 – 2012 mentors were trained off site. St Johns Parish Centre was hired for the day with lunch provided. (This stopped when the grant money was subsumed by TEF).

Since 2013 mentors have been trained in the AG lecture Theatre.

Mentoring and Befriending Foundation (now NCVO) provided the original training materials.

2017 Clarendon was part of the Thrive Peer Mentoring Programme run by Kidscape across several schools in Wiltshire.  They provided new training materials and extra training/networking opportunities.  Produced detailed report for Kidscape as part of the Thrive Scheme.


Takes place in September from Year 10.

Assemblies are the best way of advertising and produce the best number of applications.

Application forms to be completed by students and signed by a referee and parents.

Interviews – each shortlisted applicant is interviewed.  Allow about 10 minutes each.

Successful students are taken out of lessons for day in October and trained.


Takes one day.  Usually using the AG lecture theatre.

Students are provided with a folder in which to keep training materials.

Lunch (pizza has been provided on occasion depending on funds available)

Badges and certificates are presented at the end of the day.

Training materials and activities already prepared (mixture of MBF and Thrive).


Pastoral Support Leaders and Heads of Houses will help provide a list of potential mentees

Advertise to tutors during house meetings.

Match students according to need and strengths of mentors.


Mentors meet their mentees once a week in the library during tutor time.

This session must be supervised by the Peer Mentoring Coordinator or another member of staff.

Students are spread evenly around the library area to give some privacy.

Registers are taken each session and names e mailed to the Attendance Officer.

Mentors will raise any problems/potential safeguarding issues with the member of staff present.

A box of activities, questions, wordsearches etc is kept in the library for use by the mentors.

Celebrations (parties) are held at the end of the Christmas and Summer Term.

Certificates and prizes are awarded to mentees at the end of the summer term eg for best attendance, most enthusiasm, most improved behaviour/work etc


End of year reviews of mentors and mentees.

Last major review Jan 2018 for Kidscape.

Peer Mentoring Leaders

Selected from Year 10 in the summer term (once prefects have been decided).

This year Harvey Pugh, Ana Ramalhao and Jack Richards were chosen and have been great.  They all helped with the training day, have supported library meetings and Ana helped (very ably) with the interviews in October.

They receive a leader badge to wear above their peer mentoring badge.



We still have updates from Kidscape with news and extra training opportunities.  Stacey has been very supportive and conducted an extra training session for mentors last year with a focus on mental health – it would be good to repeat this for this year’s cohort of mentors.

Surfing and The ‘Zone’

5 years ago we trialled ‘Surfing’.  Mentors volunteered on a rota to wander the school site at break and lunch.  They helped to identify vulnerable/lonely students who may need to talk to someone or needed to be given a mentor.  This worked quite well but was reliant on mentors remembering and having the confidence to approach younger students.  Mentors also manned the ‘Zone’ drop in centre on a rotational basis alongside the school nurse and other professionals.