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​In line with many other local schools we are working towards standards of excellence in all aspects of Sixth Form life. We currently have a dress code that requests Sixth Form students acknowledge that school is a place of work and that they choose clothing that reflects this. Most of our students adhere to this request and avoid extremes of fashion and inappropriate dress such as shorts and flip flops in summer or underwear on show, etc.Clarendon 6th Form 018.jpg
However, prompted by the move to vertical tutoring, we have been in discussion with focus groups in our current Year 10 and 11 and it has been agreed that, with effect from September, Sixth Form students need to adopt a more “professional” dress code in line with the rest of the school. The details are outlined below and have been agreed by the student focus groups, members of the management team, The Education Fellowship and our Governors:

Male Sixth Formers:
Men’s business wear
i.e. shirt and tie with optional smart jumper
Smart suit-like trousers and jacket (no jeans or shorts)
Shoes (no trainers or flip flops)

Female Sixth Formers:
Women’s business wear
i.e. smart woollens / blouses / sleeved tops with skirt or trousers
or, smart dress (no jeans or shorts)
appropriate smart jacket and shoes (no trainers or flip flops)