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Clubs and Activities

​​​PE Extra Curricular Activities

Clarendon Academy is deeply committed to ensuring pupils gain consistent access to a range of sports and activities. These will change depending on the time of the year which means that there is always something fun and interesting to do.

Please feel free to come down and take part with no need to sign up. Just bring your kit.

For more information regarding the clubs on offer please speak to your Tutor or otherwise Miss Fox.

​Lunch​After School
​MondaySquash​Gymnastics (all years)
Rugby (yr 10)
Netball (yr 10)
Basketball (all years)
Rugby (yr 8 & 9)
Netball (9)
Hockey (all years)
Rugby (yr 7)
Netball (yr. 7 & 8)
Senior Rugby
​ThursdayNetball Shooting​
Rugby Conditioning
Netball Conditioning
Badminton (all years)
​FridayWeights Rugby Academy
​Girls Football