Dear Parents,

All our work in the last 3 months has been guided by 3 principles:

  • To ensure all our children and staff are safe and well
  • To provide high quality learning at home and school
  • To protect our vulnerable families and support our key worker families.

What has inspired me during this time is the resilience of our students (your son/daughter), their adaptability and hard work, and the dedication and resourcefulness of all Acorn staff, who I cannot thank enough for the high quality service they are providing.

We continue to prepare to extend our current offer and are really looking forward to seeing our Year 10 and 12 students.  As I write, all risk assessments are being adapted to ensure that first principle I mentioned above – “all are safe and well” – is our top priority.

The school your son/daughter will return to will hopefully feel the same in terms of culture, care and support, although the organisation and daily/weekly structures will be very different. It is highly likely that they will not attend school every day or all day, and they will continue with home learning tasks at some point in the week. In order to make sure our staff are trained appropriately to adapt to the change in structures, organisation and health and safety requirements, as well as maintain high quality home learning for all (principle 2), we are planning to open gradually from June 8th.

From June 8th, the model for Years 10 and 12 at Clarendon is explained below this letter.

The school continues to be open for key worker children and our vulnerable families (principle 3).

As I said last week, please bear with us as we strive to provide a new “normal” for term 6, which feels safe for staff, to you, and, most importantly, welcoming and productive to year 10 and 12 students.

In order to finalise our planning, we would be grateful if you could reply to Mr Price directly at saying clearly if you would or would not send your child to school after the June 8th. This will help us finalise our plans.

With very best wishes,
Sara Edwards