Dear Parents and Carers

I know that several of you are feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment with the amount of work that has been set for your children on Show My Homework.

I understand it is difficult for many of you, having to work from home and also home school your children.

Thanks to the parents who have been in touch and spoken with me about this.

Some key points that I hope will help:-
· Your son/daughter should follow their school timetable. They should do no more than this.
· Your son/daughter should do no more than an hour of work for each subject at a time – as it is stated on their timetable. They do not need to finish a piece of work in that hour. They can pick it up again the next time that subject appears on their timetable.
· The reason there is so much on Show My Homework, is that teachers have front-loaded the work onto it in case they get ill.
· It is better to have lots on there than too little.
· To help, we are asking teachers to date stamp the piece of work, so that the students know roughly when it should be attempted.

Managing stress levels:-
· Do not let your son/daughter get stressed about this.
· If they follow their Timetable and chip away at it, that’s fine.
· There are no detentions or behaviour points for falling behind. They, and you, just need to do what you can.
· The aim is to keep their minds active, so that when we re-open, they have not turned to mush. It is not to make them miserable.

I hope that makes sense.

As ever, please do call me directly on: 07732800899

Any issues with Show My Homework, please email Mr Sanchez (