Dear parent / carer,

The government’s decision to close schools in response to the Covid-19 (or coronavirus) pandemic means that students in Year 12 will now face significant disruption to the teaching of their A-Level and B/CTEC courses. Although it is uncertain how long schools will be instructed to remain closed, it seems unlikely that students will return before the end of the current academic year in July. As Head of Sixth Form, I am deeply saddened by these circumstances, although I can assure you that the teaching staff at Clarendon and I will do all we can to provide the best possible support and guidance for your son / daughter.

Although schools are closed to students, teaching staff will continue to set and mark work remotely in the coming weeks. This applies to staff at both Clarendon and John of Gaunt. In order to minimise the impact of these adverse circumstances, it is essential that your son / daughter continues to work independently on the tasks and topics set by their teachers.
Your son / daughter has been advised to check their school email accounts and Show My Homework on a daily basis in order to receive new tasks, submit completed work, and receive feedback from their teachers. If your son / daughter does not have access to the internet at home, please phone the school on 01225 762686 and ask to speak to either Mrs Maidment or me so that alternative arrangements can be made.

The Sixth Form team will contact all Year 12 students and / or their parents on a weekly basis between now and the end of the school closure period (excluding holidays). These phonecalls will provide your son / daughter with the opportunity to discuss the work they are completing at home and – where necessary – to request additional support from subject teachers.

Most subjects have already made work available to Year 12 students via Show My Homework. However, in the coming weeks, I will be working with all A-Level and B/CTEC teachers to ensure that clear strategies for organisation, as well as adequate resources and written tasks, are available so that your son / daughter can make good progress at home. These strategies and resources will be shared via email, Show My Homework and the school website as soon as possible.

The period of work experience that was planned for all Year 12 students between 6th – 11th July is no longer a formal requirement. I anticipate that most workplaces will no longer be able to offer work experience to students in these challenging times. However, I advise your son / daughter to contact any placement organisers directly to discuss this.

Finally, on behalf of all the staff at Clarendon, I would like to wish you and your family the very best in the weeks and months ahead. The challenges we face are unprecedented, but – as a school community – I have every confidence that we will meet them with kindness, resilience and hope.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Mike Griffiths
(Assistant Headteacher)