Dear Parent / Carer
Year 9 Activity Day – Monday 21st October 2019

On Monday 21st October your son/daughter will be taking part in a Careers/PSHE Activity Day which will support their learning and engagement in BV and other subjects. As part of this day they will be participate in 5 activities.

One of these activities will be an hour working with Mrs Raynes in our newly established Forest School. The site of which is located on the back-left corner of the field (near the DT block). During the day they may be given the opportunity to work with tools they may not have had the opportunity to work with before such as saws, knives and axes. Please feel assured that this will be done under close supervision and there will be instruction on how to use them safely.

Due to this activity you will also need to keep an eye on the weather and pack waterproofs or sun cream depending on what is forecast. Students will need to wear their own clothes which they and you don’t mind getting dirty and possibly ruined.
Most importantly; please do not send them into school wearing nice clothes or with a phone. There is a strong risk of clothes and mobiles becoming damaged. You can help make sure they have a good time by ensuring they have a waterproof coat, thick warm socks, a woollen hat and either wellies or sturdy shoes. Converse type trainers are not suitable.
The school day will run with the same times and break and lunch will take place as normal. If you would like further details, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at

Yours faithfully
Mr H Smith
Head of Beliefs and Values