On Wednesday please make sure your child arrives at school in camp clothes but with a pencil case.  Please tell them to take their bags to SOC5 for storage, they are then to attend P1-2 as normal, please ensure they have a large snack that day as lunch will be a little late. At 11.50pm (midway through P3) students will leave class early, collect their bags from SOC5 and head to the gates by the sports hall to get on the coach.

Please make sure all medication is bagged and named with clear instructions, please do not allow them to bring mobile phone

If they want to take photos a cheap disposable camera would be suitable

Please do not allow them to pack any food

No more than £3 for ice cream money at the shop.

They will return to school at approximately 2.30pm on Friday and will be kept in the Bistro, they will be allowed to go at the end of the school day.