Dear parents

January has been a really busy one at Clarendon with lots going on.

The students have started back really well, with Years 10, 11 and 13 in particular gearing up for their June exams. We are all hands to the pump here, ensuring they have everything they need to be successful.

A couple of key areas where you can help us:


Speaking to most of the other Headteachers in the area, it seems that there is a lot of flu like symptoms spreading around Wiltshire. However, if your son/daughter is suffering from something that is more to do with teenage tiredness (with a few sniffles), rather than the flu, please can you keep encouraging them into school. We can always send them home if it does turn out that they were more poorly than you thought. It makes such a difference to them if they show some resilience and get into school. 5 lessons a day and 300 minutes of learning await them and this is crucial (particularly if they are heading towards exams).


Please keep an eye on this too. If your son or daughter is in one of those 3 key examination years (10, 11 and 13) they should always have something to do. If they tell you they have nothing, then please do challenge them on that; we are 4 months away from their big exams. They’ve always got something to revise/practise/test. Any questions on homework, please do contact Mr Sanchez (Senior Leader in charge of this) at


We’ve been working closely with our students and their families to ensure our uniform is worn correctly. The vast majority of our students wear it with pride and look very smart every day. Where there are issues with uniform not being worn correctly however, we are challenging that (as every other school in the county would). Please do continue to work with us on this, and in particular on items like:

Shoes (black – not canvas or trainers)

Jewellery (one stud type earring in each ear: no hoops or bars). No nose studs.

We have a uniform shop in the school with all items of school clothing. Please do come to us if you are struggling in anyway to provide key items. We are happy to provide these, using school funds to help you. Just let me know if you’d like some discreet help.


Some great news:

Our rewards system has really caught the students’ imaginations. Some are hurtling up through the rewards and moving towards the bigger prizes. Top of the tree in terms of rewards is for those gaining 300 points. We have created and ‘Executive Lounge’ for their use at break and lunchtimes. 300 points gained, makes the student part of the elite club allowed access to this lounge. It’s a common room with a fancy title really, but has sofas, comfy chairs, televisions, games consoles, biscuits, drinks etc. All the things teenagers love! Please do encourage your children to push for the rewards. I want our staff to catch them being good and praise them through this system.

Mr Lawrence (Assistant Head, in charge of Key Stage Three) and I have been visiting Tutor Groups this term, giving students the chance to talk to us directly and have their say about the school. We are asking them what we should ‘stop’ doing; what we should ‘start’ doing; and what we should ‘carry on’ doing. The students have discussed all sorts of things with us, including: uniform, team check, catering, rewards etc. We will be taking their ideas back to the Senior Leadership team and working on developing many of them into reality. I’ve been very impressed with the students. They really know their school!

I have been busy this term visiting the local feeder primary schools to talk to the Year 5 and 6 children about our school. I want to get the message out there about how great our school is and how we would welcome all of them to us as their secondary school of choice. I think that as a school body (staff, students, and parents) we should do all we can to share the great things we know about the school in the community.

You know that if you ever have a problem, you can contact me directly at the school (  and I will always ensure a member of staff gets in touch to answer your enquiry.

However, I’d like us to share more of our successes. If you know that your son/daughter is having a great time with us and is really making progress, please do share with all. We are a school we should all be proud of.

I hope you all have a lovely last few weeks of the school term and enjoy the half term break with your families when it arrives.

All the best

Mr Price